2019 Ministry Schedule
13 Sunday    10:45 AM   First Baptist Church, Electra, TX                                  Concert
6 Sunday      6:00 PM   Marion Baptist Church, Marion, TX                              Concert
3 Sunday      11:00 AM   Fairview Baptist Church, Austin, TX                          Concert
16 Saturday    11:00 AM   Eastside Baptist Church, New Braunfels, TX  Women's Tea
31 Sunday      10:00 AM   Llano Cowboy Church, Llano, TX                               Concert
September 13-23, 2019
8 Saturday     6:00 PM   Southside Baptist Church, San Antonio, TX             Concert
12 Saturday    4:00 PM   Presbyterian Manor, Wichita Falls, TX                         Concert
10 Sunday      6:30 PM   Cranes Mill Baptist Church, Canyon Lake, TX            Concert
16 Saturday    2:00 PM   First Baptist Church, Hitchcock, TX                             Concert
3 Sunday        3:30 PM   Parkview Assisted Living, Weimar, TX                      Concert
3 Sunday        6:00 PM   Calvary Baptist Church, Weimar, TX                          Concert
23 Saturday      6:00 PM   First United Methodist Church, Mt Vernon, TX         Concert
16 Saturday    5:30 PM   Alvin Missionary Baptist Church, Alvin, TX                Concert
23 Saturday    10:30 AM   Christina Crain Prison (Women's Unit), Gatesville, TX
28 Sunday      10:00 AM   Calvary Baptist Church, Bryan, TX           70th Anniversary
14 Saturday   10 AM- 2 PM  Friedens Christmas Tea, Seguin, TX        Women's Tea
7 Saturday 9 AM-1:30 PM Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Maxwell, TX Women's Retreat
13 Saturday   10:30 AM   St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Hallettsville, TX  Women's Tea
18 Saturday     4:00 PM   First United Methodist Church, La Grange, TX          Concert
4 Saturday   11:00 AM   St. Paul Lutheran Church, Bulverde, TX  Women's Gathering
11 Sunday      10:50 AM   Baptist Temple, San Antonio, TX                              Concert
24 Sunday        6:00 PM   New Life Baptist Fellowship, Elgin, TX                      Concert
24 Sunday      10:45 AM   Big Springs Baptist Church, Garland, TX                  Concert   
22  Friday       6:30 PM   First Baptist Church, Universal City, TX      Holiday Banquet
31 Sunday        6:00 PM   Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Austin, TX                    Concert
9 Sunday        6:00 PM   First Lockhart Baptist Church, Lockhart, TX            Concert
18 Saturday   11:00 AM   First Baptist Church, Lexington, TX                Concert/Lunch
27 Saturday    10:00 AM   Kyle United Methodist Church, Kyle, TX         Women's Mtg
11 Saturday     9:00 AM   First Baptist Church, Nolanvile, TX         Celebrating Mothers
25 Sunday      10:00 AM   Maranatha Bible Church, Converse, TX    Morning Worship
12 Friday          6:15 PM   Taylor's Valley Baptist Church, Temple, TX
TX                                      Opening for The Erwins & Joseph Habedank       
8 Sunday     10:50 AM     Live Oak Baptist Church, Live Oak, TX                 Concert
26 Sunday     10:00 AM   Riverside Christian Church, Bastrop, TX                   Concert
22 Sunday      6:00 PM    Mullins Station Baptist Church, Memphis, TN           Concert
22 Sunday      2:30 PM    Grace Baptist Church, Rosemark, TN                        Concert
22 Sunday    11:00 AM    Range Hills Baptist Church, Memphis, TN                 Concert
21 Saturday    6:00 PM    Colonial Baptist Church, Memphis, TN,                     Concert
30 Sunday        5:00 PM   First Baptist Church, Hubbard, TX                             Concert
7 Sunday  8:45 &11 AM  Monument Baptist Church, Deer Park, TX             Concerts
8 Sunday       4:30 PM     First Christian Church, Burnet, TX                         Concert
14 Saturday 11:00 AM     Rose Hill United Methodist Church, Rose Hill, KS   Concert
13  Friday       6:00 PM     Beaver Street Baptist Church, Jenks, OK                Concert
6 Saturday       2-4 PM   Carole Young Prison - Medical Facility, Dickinson, TX
14 Sunday        6:00 PM   San Gabriel Christian Church, Thorndale, TX          Concert
19 Thursday   6:00 PM    Roscommon Baptist Church, Roscommon, MI        Concert
18 Wednesday 6:00 PM  Harvey Baptist Church, Marquette, MI                      Concert
14 Saturday   6:00 PM     Bent Knee Cowboy Church, Bonner Springs, KS    Concert
11 Sunday        6:30 PM   Austin Street Baptist Church, Yoakum, TX              Concert
20 Friday        6:00 PM    First United Methodist Church, Champaign, IL         Concert
15 Sunday      6:00 PM    St. Paul United Methodist, So. Sioux City, NE           Concert
27 Sunday    10:45 AM   Westover Baptist Church, San Marcos, TX                Concert
4 Sunday      10:30 AM   First Assembly of God, Victoria, TX                         Concert
25 Sunday        5:30 PM   Crossroads Baptist Church, San Antonio, TX          Concert
15 Sunday    10:30 AM    First Baptist Church, Oregon, MO                              Concert
29 Sunday      6:00 PM  Southeast Baptist Church, San Antonio, TX 5th Sunday Sing
18 Sunday      10:30 AM   Emmanuel Fellowship, Gonzales, TX                       Concert
28 Saturday 11:00 AM    Rocky Creek Baptist Church, Victoria, TX                 Concert
28 Sunday     11:00 AM   First Baptist Church of Elroy, Del Valle, TX              Concert
4 Sunday        6:00 PM   Rosedale Baptist Church, Austin, TX               Mini-concert
7 Saturday     3:00 PM     The Ranch @ Cedar Park, Cedar Park, TX            Concert
18 Sunday        6:00 PM   Fitzhugh Baptist Church, Austin, TX                         Concert
7 Saturday    2:00 PM   First Baptist Church, La Vernia, TX            Christmas Concert
7 Saturday  10:00 AM   The Towers @ Park Lane, San Antonio,    Christmas Concert
11 Sunday        2:00 PM   Morningside @ The Meadows, San Antonio Atrium Concert
2020 Schedule
3/29  Sunday  2;00 PM    Cibolo Valley Baptist Church, Cibolo, TX     5th Sunday Sing
10 Sunday    10:55 AM   McNeil Baptist Church, Luling, TX                             Concert
11/7  Saturday  6:00 PM   Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Thorndale, TX    Banquet & Concert
4/19  Sunday 12;30 PM   Veterans Appreciation Day, Knights of Columbus Hall
Hallettsville, TX
6 Sunday    11:00 AM   McMahan Baptist Church, McMahan, TX                    Concert
1 Sunday       5:30 PM   First Baptist Church, Edna, TX                   Christmas Concert
24 Sunday      4:30 PM  First Baptist Church, Tow, TX                                      Concert
24 Sunday    11:00 AM  Black Jack Baptist Church, Rockdale, TX                  Concert
8 Sunday      6:00 PM   First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs, Christmas Concert
8 Sunday    10:30 AM  St John's Lutheran Church, Uhland, TX      Christmas Concert
15 Sunday   10:30 AM  Cowboys for Jesus, Fischer, TX                  Christmas Concert
15 Sunday     3:30 PM  First Baptist Church, San Marcos, TX          Christmas Concert