I am still hearing such wonderful
comments about The Steel Magnolias
from our Saturday event (January 2014)
– your witness, your music, your
testimonies, the time of prayer –
everything that I could have asked for in
a day especially for our senior adults.  
God certainly orchestrated that day – no
one else could have done it that well!!!
What a great group of ladies you have
put together for the Steel Magnolias.  It
must be a wonderful gift to travel with
these ladies to so many different places
to carry God’s love.  I think what I
cherish most about the event was
seeing our people respond to the time
of prayer.  It blessed me so much, and
I’m so thankful that is one of the things
you offer as you present your worship
I pray that you will have many more
opportunities to serve.  Maybe someday
you will even get back to Bellaire!
Blessings on your ministry,
Carol S. Thacker
Executive Assistant to the Pastor
Bellaire Baptist Church
Bossier City, Louisiana 71112